Andy Stoltz


I may not have mentioned it before here but I’ve been taking classes to get my MBA because, entrepreneurship. I’ve finally found my business model which will integrate tailoring into everything else we all love about handmade goods and art. There’s a secret ingredient in there that will let it all blossom.

I figure by the time I’ve caught up with my girlfriends tattoo count I’ll be ready to start.

Doing a little #graphicdesign at work today. Pretty sure none of it will be used but eh.. #quote #aristotle

Last night I drunkenly put together a 75 page picture book in InDesign in about an hour’s time then the program crashed because I was working in full res ¬_¬

Today in a sober state I realize that putting together a zine would be a piece of cake so - why not.

Giving my old bike a new paint job.
Client wants this style, client has great tastes #English #roses #illustration #art #blackwork #nature #rose
I can’t stand seeing text resume’s on job boards, so I link them here.
If you were linked here go ahead and click on my projects and photos inks on the left, the sketchbook is really interesting too. Please contact me if you’d like examples of my design work.
Back when I had my own studio.
(~I miss you studio~)
Assemblage as illustration!
Editorial art about developing cities and the rain forests